"Faur" Agreement


Mention regarding the work method of ,,FAUR" Agreement developed under the license of the "CASA FAUR” Brand

The "FAUR" Agreement developed under the license of the ”CASA FAUR” Brand, according to the definitions attributed to it, represents a crediting, granting or intermediation engagement, developed under the license or franchise of this brand, using as strategy: commercial secrets, know-how, confidentiality agreements, etc., practiced through activities of service provisioning, compensations, financial intermediations, granting, transfers or receivable acquisition.

A confidentiality agreement will be concluded first, between the association represented by the ,,CASA FAUR” Brand and possible beneficiaries (non-communication and/or non-contravention) ("the Agreement"), followed by the conclusion of a ,,FAUR” Agreement representing an Engagement letter regarding the collaboration methods or possibilities proposed, in order to intermediate, grant or credit.

Mention: as a work procedure for the advance payments, AS THE CASE MAY BE, for a DEBTOR, based on the ”FAUR” Agreement on returning the loan or in case of compensation, will be considered also the interests, commissions or any other costs paid in the debtor’s name or generated during the procedure, following to be recovered through payment, compensation or by inclusion in the fees / earnings.

The ,,Faur” Agreement supports those interested using "cash pooling" engagements as a financing method (the use of available financial resources for covering the necessary of other companies’ financial resources necessary), and as a work method, our association requests the services of top companies, outsourcing the services developed under the license of ”CASA FAUR” Brand to the top accounting audit, debt recovery companies, legal offices, evaluating and investigation companies etc., currently operating on the Romanian / international market, the association represented by the ,,CASA FAUR” Brand being a financing partner.

Best regards,

Faur Tiberiu